Mini curso Vue.Js - Tudo sobre o framework javascript mais fantástico você encontra aqui!

Today, we are start to talk Vue and we’ll start telling a brief history about this Framework.

I believe that is very important and to grownup our base knowledge about the Vue and another languages.

So, let’s go to start. Take your notes and good read!

The age pre Vue.Js and before Javascript Frameworks (the beginning)

Not long ago, but the web environment was a hostile location, not friendly for developers and some approaches was very difficult to implement.

We had HTML page with a lot of Javascript and CSS files and it was terrible, specially to render to client. Imagine one page with a lot of Javascript logical files.

There were a lot of jobs in server-side too, in projects Java, PHP or Asp.Net Form, for example, and a lot of business rules that you need to make a postback request.

Ambiente Web antes dos Frameworks Javascript

Some years later, this around 2008 and 2010, because the technology evolution and the birth of some languages, specially Microsoft ASP.NET MVC that I was remember, the approach changed a lot.

But still, it was very difficult to maintain and very disorganized, the problem still persisted in many projects, mainly the several javascript files that they had.

We had some exceptions in the market in that moment, for example the Jquery, but server side frameworks was dominant.

So, to save you and your projects, behold it appeared the Javascript Frameworks like Angular, Amber, Vus.Js and others.

Now, let’s talk about Vue.js

Until now, we talk about the web scenario before the Vue.js. So now, we are talk about the Vue.

Vue.Js was created by Evan You, after he worked for the giant Google. The purpose of the framework was based on the development of user interfaces and single page applications (Single Page Application).

The framework developed by You is open source and had its first commit in 2013, but it was only officially launched in February 2014.Em uma de suas declarações, o que acho interessante destacar é:

“I thought, what if I could just remove the part that I really liked about Angular and create something very light?”.

Currently, when I write this article to you, the framework is in version 2.6 (Macross), from 2019.

Considerations and documentation

The most interesting thing about this framework is that your application can grow progressively and it will remain simple to maintain and look very interesting.

With it, you can also work locally (through a script manager) or referenced by a CDN.

In addition to everything I said so far, if you were not convinced that Vue.js is the Framework, then I will mention some of its features that may encourage you to use:

It is fast, very light and has a large ecosystem and excellent libraries. You can consult the Vue documentation and you will understand why I say this.

Well that’s it, I hope in the next articles and in the studies of this incredible Javascript framework.

See you!


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